An introduction

Brian Moore’s Head has been as big a part of Gills folklore as Super Bob’s header against Fulham, Terry Cochrane’s 50-yard chip against Bristol Rovers or Andy Hessenthaler’s screamer against Stoke. If you’re a Gills fan, the chances are you’ve read a copy of BMH, or seen the guys who stood outside Priestfield, come rain or shine, selling them.

After a year or so of following the Gills, I gave up on buying the official match programme [who wants to read adverts anyway?] and started to buy the occasional BMH instead. It was cheaper, funnier, and the standard of written English was almost without fail better than the programme.

After years of buying and reading the fanzine, I finally decided to start contributing to BMH and was chuffed to bits when my first article made it into the fanzine. It just cemented what I already knew – BMH was a real fans’ venture, and I resolved to support it as much as I could.

Fast-forward to present-day, and when I heard the news about the last edition of BMH, I was more than disappointed. But after talking to the guys, it was clear that now was the time to change tack. The amount of legwork that went into each issue was immense, and after over 100 issues, and standing outside 300-odd games selling them, you can hardly blame the BMH boys for calling it a day.

Only they haven’t called it a day at all…

Rather than saying, “That’s your lot” and letting BMH die, they’ve instead decided to move with the times and continue Brian Moore’s Head online. The wonders of modern technology mean the same output of musings, reports, spoofs and piss-takes can be produced at a fraction of the effort – and at no cost. All they needed was a nice, easy platform from which to spout their regular written offerings – and that’s where I came in. I offered to give them something of a helping hand – and the result is this blog.

As you’ll see, it’s nothing out of this world, but it does the job. The blog will grow as we start to put more stories on it [and we’re after your stories too, by the way] – and the aim is for the new online version of BMH to become just as popular, maybe even more popular, than its paper-based predecessor. As well as getting the guys off the streets and into the pub, it means articles can be published just days [or if we’re really flying, within hours] of us receiving them, which means BMH will be even more up-to-date and relevant than it was in print form. It also means you get all this top-quality content for free, gratis, squat, zilch. Now that can’t be bad, can it?

Of course, as well as the established BMH regulars, it’s down to you to help this site prosper and grow by paying us regular visits, submitting your articles, and, just as importantly, leaving your comments on the articles written by others. Feel free to link to us and send our story links [in blog-land, the techies call them permalinks] to your mates etc and help spread the word of the ‘Head. Enjoy!

Keep the faith,




One Response to An introduction

  1. Bryan Reed says:

    Hi guys,
    Bryan from the Maidstone fanzine, smtwtgh!, here.
    I was wondering if you would allow me to reproduce part of your ‘The Beautiful Game’ article in our next issue? Having just read the piece, which I found surprisingly flattering to Stones, I think the bulk of our readers would also find it interesting.
    We would, of course, credit yourselves for the piece and send you a copy of the fanzine in which we use it.

    Let me know what you think


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