What are they like?

August 12, 2001

The Gills are now firmly established amongst the elite of English football, but after so long spent in the lower divisions, how much do we really know about our fellow supporters in the First Division? Thanks to the recent nationwide census, we are able to share with you the intimate secrets of those odd creatures who stand on the right hand side of the Town End….

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Our Lewis is Leicester`s gain

August 12, 2001

Peter Taylor achieved historical feats in his short reign at Priestfield, but tentative question marks always hung over his activity in the transfer market. This was no doubt due to our perceptions of the comical Christian Lee, the never quite up to the mark Charlie Mitten and the decidedly average Brian McGlinchly and Barry Miller. Time has come to show that he in fact conducted a number of shrewd deals (Thommo, obviously, but the contribution of Iffy and Ty Gooden cannot be understated since their arrival), plus I was never quite clear on who were his recommendations during the last close season but few had any gripes with Chris Hope, Marlon King and Paul Shaw. Read the rest of this entry »