Blown Away

6 September – Gills 3-0 Grimsby Town

Another pleasing win kept the boo-boys largely at bay for another week, and rightly so. To my eyes we are now watching the sort of side that Stimson wanted to build but didn’t have the chance last year. He’s now had the chance to breathe, assess his resources, get them fit and organised and it’s beginning to look as though the side we have are going to be better than a lot of what this division has to offer.

He made mistakes last season and I’m sure he knows that. He has already shifted out what he doesn’t need, yet the starting line-up still contained six of his non-league recruits from last year and all suggest that they are going to be influential this season. Ok, I don’t think Fuller and Nutter are any better than adequate at this level and I still haven’t seen enough of Lewis to judge, but Oli, Miller and Jackson can help shape this campaign. Some will have it that Miller is lazy, Jackson is lightweight and Oli cannot stamp his mark on a game, but I personally think those three have plenty of quality to worry everyone in League One. Oli in particular impressed yesterday, particularly defensively (he had a bit of bother measuring his crosses, but it was blowing a hoolie) and Jackson could easily snaffle 25 goals if he keeps getting decent service. Weston and Daniels were a cut above the rest but those players weren’t available to us last year.

Others still prefer to moan. I don’t agree that Grimsby were the better side for long periods, as some have suggested, and I still feel the reception afforded to McCammon when he came on by pockets of the crowd was pathetic, but we have to live with such prats and they’re entitled to their warped opinions. We flew out of the blocks, bombarded them with corners and got behind them down the flanks (including a sensational move down the left in the first half involving several one-twos involving Nutter and Daniels), plus our retention of possession in difficult blustery conditions should be recognised. Grimsby had a decent spell in the first half where Royce made a couple of excellent saves, but in the second period they only came close twice – rattling the bar from 30 yards with a superb lob which may or may not have crossed the line (and admittedly may have changed the the comprehensive outcome if it had made it 1-1), and a long mazy run from Till that should have been snuffed out earlier but ended with a shot straight down Royce’s throat. Other than that King and Richards mopped everything up comfortably.

The breakthrough came relatively early, Jackson turning in the umpteenth corner after half an hour, and we undoubtedly deserved it at the time. We had to wait until the 70th minute to clinch the points, the ludicrously inept (ha!) McCammon doing well to create a chance for himself and finishing at the second attempt. He’ll need to score at least one a game to win over some of the pricks in the Rainham End, but at this stage I’m just happy that we’ve got plenty of attacking options from any combination of Big Mac, Little Jack, Oli and Mullers.

The best was saved till last. A four on two break was about to lead nowhere when Weston was upended 30 yards from goal. With many previous attempts on goal derailed by unpredictable gusts caused by our fucking awful British weather, you had to fear for the safety of the Grimsby fans stranded exposed at the top of the Town End, but Daniels swept an absolute beauty into the top left hand corner. Every bit as good as Super Bob’s ingenuity during 1999. We’ll know more after the trips to Shrewsbury and Aldershot how good we are. A promotion winning side will snatch four points from those games, but if we only manage two I fully expect the doubters to be venting their spleens once more.

Champagne Moment

The best free kick at Priestfield since the real glory days.

The Morty Vicker

6 Responses to Blown Away

  1. Sy says:

    I think Jackson has proved his not lightweight, just watch his goal at darlington where he shakes off the two giant defenders!

    I particularly watched Miller yesterday he played 2 bad passes and made one bad cross, every other pass he made (there were plenty of them) went to a blue shirt. What more do people expect of him?

  2. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    Since our enforced move from the Town End, I have been astonished by the level of abuse and criticism levelled at the players from the Rainham End, and often for the smallest of mistakes.

    I have seen a lot of flack directed at the Town End on notice boards since the announcement of its enclosure, mainly that we’re all chavvy little 18 year old pikeys who only wanted to wind up visiting fans (I’m 33 and couldn’t muster the energy for a fight even if you offered me prize money), but I will tell you that there was more passion shown towards the team than I’ve seen in the two games I’ve sat at the Rainham End.

    Don’t get me wrong, when we were shit and the players weren’t even trying (most of the Jepson era), then we were as unhappy as the next man, but I guarantee you that the atmosphere on Saturday would have been far greater had we been sitting up there.

    We played superbly on Saturday: the defence looked strong; there was running off the ball and decent passing; but most of all there was tons of effort. Yes, Grimsby had a good couple of spells, but that only made for a good game of football – surely we’d rather see a well contested 3-0 win between well matched teams than a walk in the park? That’s what football is all about – enjoying the overall product as well as wanting your team to win.

    Anyway, regardless of what happens in the next two away games, the last two home performances have given us more to be positive about than I can remember for a long time. If you still want to turn up and whinge all afternoon next time then do us a favour – fuck off and don’t come back.

  3. Good performance from the lads. Dare I say it, thought we looked well organised, full of running and tried to knock the ball around with a sense of purpose. Jackson will always score goals, Oli worked very hard for the team, Weston looks to have a bit of class and King and Richards seem to have the making of a decent partnership People will always find something to criticise and we still have some way to go but we are certainly moving in the right direction. That type of performance will see for most teams in this division. Alan Buckley’s teams are always good footballing teams and I supect they will be challenging for play offs by the end of the season so it is only natural they will see their fair share of possesion. The important thing is that, the 35 yarder and one other effort aside, we limited Grimsby to very few chances. One word of caution. I think we really need to find another goalscorer. At some stage Jackson is lightly to get clogged by one of the many carthorse centrebacks that frequent this division and without him we may struggle to hit the onion bag as often as we need to in order to sustian a promotion challenge. Up the Gills!

  4. billthebikie says:

    I agree with much of what’s been said about the win against Grimsby. I’d also like to say that I’ve been vociferous in my lack of conviction in Stimson. From what I’ve seen (only the last 2 games), he’s made the necessary changes to personnel and style of play. Weston is going to be a great player, everything that Crofts isn’t, never has been or ever will be. I know the latter is lionised by the shitwits in the Rainham End, but just watch him for any given 5 mins. Awful first touch, poor tackling, dreadful passing, no pace and completely lacking in any kind of vision or intelligence. Apart from that he’s great! Drop him I say, Miller and Weston are vastly superior. Well done Stimson, I stand (so far) corrected. And happy to say so. Up the Gills!

  5. billthebikie says:

    Erm…. On second thoughts…… (Saturday 13th Sept, 6pm).

  6. Brendan Place Fanclub says:

    At last, we’ve found it. Square 1.

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