Blimey a letter (email actually)

Dear Binman/Editor BMH!!

Right from the off I’ll be honest and say I’m a Fulham season ticket holder and my trips to Priestfield from my flat in Herne bay are few and far between!Due to Manchester United playing in Monaco on the Friday night, I found myself with a free Saturday and my old mate, Alan Mitchell(aka “The Thespian”),lured me to the Preistfield to see the home game with Accrington Stanley.

There are pros and cons for Fulham fans visiting the “Medway Maracana”!I was close to Foxy when he died outside the ground, saw the terrible tackle by Martin Thomas that ended Mark O’Connors career but remember Boa Morte and Collins scoring in our last visit to Priestfield.We left Gillingham Station at around 1.55pm to walk to the ground.

The Observer newspaper voted the twelve minute walk down Balmoral Road the worst approach to a league ground in the country!I thought changes may have taken place in response to this article-no such luck!!
Without doubt the Balmoral Bakery and the cheap “offy”are the two diamonds in the coalmine that is the “Appian Way”!!The sight of stylofoam packaging adorning every front garden coupled with copious amonts of cardboard and mattresses stuck out of first floor windows took me back to….the last time I had walked this thoroughfare!!”Beware of the Pit Bull” and “Mind the Staffordshire Bull Terrier” notices were seen in abundance and as to the dog dirt that covered every paving stone!What can you say….!!??

Arriving at the Club Shop was a blessed relief and the “Blue Rock Cafe”offered me a polite welcome! The Binman was defensive over the walk to the ground.He claimed the walk to Senegal Fields was more intimidating, the walk to Kenilworth Road more emotionally taxing!I need to be convinced!!
As for the game I’d get Roy Hodgson to have a look at Simeon Jackson….
“Herne Bay” Dave

One Response to Blimey a letter (email actually)

  1. Rainham End Johnny says:

    I read the scurrilous sneers of Herne bay Dave regarding the approach to the majestic Priestfield. How easy it must be to belittle an area of immigration tolerance [after all, a fine national historical legacy] and government-induced poverty. Walking across Bishop’s Park with a “lobster & rocket” sandwich en route to a corporate match at Craven Cottage, one must forget how the working class lives.
    However I shall never forget THAT cross of Johnny Hodge straight onto the bonce of Bob [“Purple Patch”] Taylor and into the Fulham net for the winner. How that nancy-boy, Keegan, squealed

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