BMH 106 by mail

We have a limited number of the one-off special available by mail order. These can be purchased via Paypal – price £2.20 UK, £3.00 Europe or £3.60 Rest of the World. If you are unable to grasp new fangled ideas like Paypal you can send us one of them there old fashioned paper cheque thingies (made out to S.Baker) for the same amounts.

For further information, or to supply your details, email our.. ahem… mail order department, at

And remember, we are all scumbags together (or is it morons now? I’ve been on holiday so I have rather lost track of the latest Scally terminology).

7 Responses to BMH 106 by mail

  1. Paypal Hater says:

    Where is the address for which payment will be sent?

  2. ed head says:

    Send an email to the address supplied and the information will be yours. Our mailing department doesn’t really want his address published ona website!

  3. James1893 says:

    Mr Head, how does one get a pen pic to accompany their comment?

  4. ed head says:

    I did that via the admin site of the BMH blog. I think you have to sign up as a wordpress member and maybe register a blog name at Possibly.

  5. chrislynham says:

    You’re rather letting down all the perceived anonymous morons out there by putting a picture of yourself on this pathetic website….though of course Mr Scally knows who you are anyway…

  6. Paul Rodgers says:

    I’d put a picture of me up, but then this website would be prosecuted as my photograph is illegal in all countries of the world, bar Austria.

  7. I am like infermation for to get BMH 106 , Innit. I leave in Ire Land long time. No 2 Lisbon treaty no 2 nwo, yes to more info om get 106 in offland YourRope, Thanky Yew, Up the Gills, Last Waltz with you , Dr. John, The Band , Bobby Dylan. . . . . . . Cheers, Gorey Gills, Pad

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