The Team Tony built 10 years on

It is ironic that the guy who originally built the team that took the Gills out of our current division is about to enter the league of millionaire teams whilst we are still poor and standing over the abyss. Yes the nucleus of the Gills team that won promotion from the old division two was built by Tony Pulis.

Peter Taylor may have attempted to enhance it with his band of cheap imports but by the end of the season it was extensively the Tony Pulis team that got us up and managed to maintain a foothold in division of big clubs (sleeping giants as they would have you believe). It was only when the team finally started to spilt up/retire/move out/give up did things go wrong and we were on the slippery slope that could take us out of league football for the first time since 1950. Another irony of the situation can be seen if we look 50 miles down the road at Dover, another ex-manager Andy Hessenthaler has also achieved promotion (with non league style).

Look at some of our ex-players, Marlon King and Nyron Nosworthy are regulars in the Premier League, the Championship and Division one is littered with other who have actually graced the Gills shirt. Not disgraced it as some of the current bunch has. With only Leeds to go and only a slim mathematical chance of staying up the future looks bleak. Lets face it the only reasons two of the teams are in the same position as us is they are in receivership and 10 points have been deducted. At least one of them Bournemouth must take some credit for at least trying to stop the slide.

I think if Stimson gets his way and the rest of the hangers on get ejected AND he manages to build a quality team that has a fighting chance of doing something (other than slide downwards). We may enjoy next season.


5 Responses to The Team Tony built 10 years on

  1. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    I have to say I was chuffed to bits for Tony today. Well done sir, and I hope you don’t get ripped apart every game next season.

  2. SMF 10 says:

    I agree, well done Mr Pulis, it was a pleasure to see the attacking long ball (winning football) that he brought us. Good luck to them and us next season.

  3. Brendan Place Fanclub says:

    Couldn’t agree more fellas. I will be watching Stoke with interest next season to see how Tony does pitting his wits against supposedly the best in the land. Good luck Sir!

  4. Detritus says:

    Hope we get to watch Mama giving Terry and Ferdinand the runaround!!

  5. The Long Lost Bod says:

    Although I think Stoke will be found out in the Premiership, there were those who were glad he left Gillingham because he wouldn’t have been successful in the second division! He has divided opinion at every turn but is at heart a winner and has shown that if given time he will make teams successful. He has a good eye for a player and whilst his style of football isn’t pretty, there are dozens of clubs around the country that would swap their position for Stoke’s right now. We can only wonder what might have been…

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