Dear Mr Scally

The exit is just over there. Try not to make too much noise on your way out, as it upsets the neighbours.

9 Responses to Dear Mr Scally

  1. Brendan Place Fanclub says:

    Mr.Scally not make too much noise? Are you sure? There’s more chance of the FA ordering todays fixtures to be replayed until all the results go our way.
    The most sombering thought now, is if the club does go into financial meltdown and into administration, we will be docked the 10 points whilst in the basement division, and that could prove fatal to our survival if the club continues on it’s downward spiral and ends up in the bottom 2.
    I know it’s early days to be thinking about next season, but if a club like OURS (Mr Scally take note – OURS) cannot finish in the top 7 at least then we really will be in trouble. Personally I think Mark Stimson will ultimately lead us to glory!

  2. graham says:

    Should have heard Scally’s comments, reported on 5 Live’s 606 show. He was basically ready to have a punch up with Ken Bates after the latter’s “poetic justice” comments with relation to Leeds sending us down after being docked 15 points and Scally being open about his support for that sanction

  3. billthebikie says:

    Mark Stimson is more likely to lead the Gills to the league he came from. Players and mangers tend to find their level, and the Blue Square Premier was, and quite obviously still is, Stimson’s level. If he was better than that we’d have stayed up. It’s as simple as that. Who was talking about relegation at Xmas? It was all ‘kick on and reach the play-offs’….. Failure on a truly enormous scale. I think the Gills deserve better than another crap ex-pro chancer as a manager. After Jepson you’d think that was quite clear. Apparently not. Very sad. And if you disagree (and I know many do), just look at his results. I rest my case. Slag me off, I could do with a good laugh!! Cheers.

  4. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    This season has been a fucking shambles fom start to finish. The chairman is a disgrace and needs to fuck off before we collapse completely. The manager is tactic-less and un-inspirational fuckwit who over saw throwing away 5 one goal leads in the last 5 games. The players are largely poor and will probably get us no higher than 12th next season, but if Crofts, Bentley, King and Royce leave, we’ll be facing another relegation battle.

    This should never, ever have been allowed to happen. The short sightedness of Scally after we stayed up at Stoke has totally come back to roost. Hessy should’ve gone after we stayed in the Chamionship that day, but he didn’t, and we’ve paid the price ever since (I’m not slagging Hessy, he’s a legend, but the decision should’ve been made).

    Apart from Ternant, we’ve had 3 piss poor managers, and a selection of players ranging from old has been wankers to non-league shite. 1995-2004 was the most successful period in our history, and it almost been completely wiped out all ready.

    Where’s the money Scally, you theiving bastard.? It’s all in your fucking house you crook.

    Sorry lads, but this is a low and I don’t feel some people are angry enough – too much of our support is totally apathetic.

    Any way, bring on the Stanley. Up the Gills!

  5. dean nye says:

    What a disaster!! But it was looking likey for the last half of the season. Anyway, heads up and Up The Gills – Champions next season…..i hope!!

  6. trigger-11 says:

    what ever will be will be … we’re going to shrewsbury??? anyone care to explain??

  7. The Morty Vicker says:

    I may be wrong but I don’t recall Stimson ever talking about “pushing on for the play-offs” – I think that was Scally. And while relegation is a disaster and Stimson would have expected (and been expected) to save us, I still think he inherited a crock of shite which was relegation bound and the turn-round was too ambitious. I don’t think you can judge him as a Conference standard manager until he’s had a full pre-season and the time to mould a side with proper planning. If we’re struggling at Christmas in League Two, then it can be re-assessed. Sacking him now and bringing in another new manager building another new team would be a farcical kneejerk gamble – though rumour has it that relations between chairman and manager are somewhat “strained”. The chant of Mark Stimson’s Barmy Army yesterday showed that many are still behind the manager, but I can understand why some have already lost patience.

    Scally – well done for stoking up the Leeds support against us. Most were reasonable (not as gloating as Forest three years ago) but some were rabid in wanting us relegated. Bates is loathsome but is way too clever for Scally, and his short-termist incompetence. Scally mouths off at his enemies and thinks he’ll have the last laugh. Pulis? Bates? Swansea City? We’ve certainly put one over them. Who else is laughing at us now? Fucking prick.

    Going to Shrewsbury – a humourous attempt to counter 37000 people singing that they’re going to Wembley. I thought the Gills support was excellent yesterday. As were the players. It’s been shit but I’ve seen enough in the last few games to think we’ll be ok next year even without Crofts and King.

  8. trigger-11 says:

    yeah the support was good, even before the match we were singing for ages

  9. billthebikie says:

    Stimson is useless at his job. We played aimless football under him and lost twice to the worst team in the league. We had plenty of chances to survive and took none of them, 3 points from a possible 15 in the last 5 games. Took the lead in all 5. On the radio last Saturday he said he didn’t know why we couldn’t hold onto a lead. Why not?! It’s his job to know why, and to rectify it. Unbelievable incompetence, downright stupidity, and an obviously floundering man, way out of his depth. Sacking someone who has taken a team down when there was plenty of time to save them isn’t ‘kneejerk’. It’s utterly logical. He isn’t good enough, so you get someone who is. Stability only makes sense when the present incumbent is reasonably successful. When he manifestly isn’t, it’s fucking stupid. Which is why he’s staying, because stupid doesn’t begin to describe our chairman. Wake up, it’s Blue Square if you don’t.

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