Don’t forget…

….despite having to get up at dawn with hangovers, we’ll be outside Priestfield selling BMH 106 before the game with the Somerset charmers. So if you missed out last time, don’t fret, we’ve printed another 400 so come and say hello….

£1.50, no it’s not the programme, no we can’t change a twenty quid note…

The Morty Vicker

5 Responses to Don’t forget…

  1. Sy says:

    Somerset? Have they moved Swindon then ?

  2. graham says:

    C’mon you Gills – do the buis on Sw*ndon. I guess it’s got to be two Gills wins now and cross fingers on Cheltenham slipping up.

    BTW, anyone noticed the similarity between Scallywag and the late Malcolm Hardee

  3. The Morty Vicker says:

    Er, yes, Wiltshire. Sorry about that.

  4. Paul P says:

    Can you order a copy online?

  5. Binman says:

    I think the inhabitants of Somerset might want to sue!

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