BMH Issue 106 : The Return

We vowed we wouldn’t do a printed version again unless someone stamped on our tail. Well, the increasing disgruntlement with the state of the club prompted us to get writing, printing and selling once more. The exercise reminded us of why we gave up in the first place (chaotic flapping around print deadlines, getting soaked and bedraggled selling outside the ground instead of sitting in the Blues Rock) but the genuine good wishes of so many made it worthwhile. The media interest has been heartening as well, and thanks to Meridian and some of the local press for that. ITV interviewed me at my sodden best pre-match for The Championship – they didn’t use any of my words of wisdom but they didn’t exactly paint Scally in a golden light either.

Some muttered darkly that “I thought you’d given up that nonsense”, obviously oblivious to anything of any concern going on at Priestfield, while one refused to buy it because he thought the back cover was “impartial” and at odds with what the fanzine was all about. Erm….

For those who missed out – we rather under-egged the print run and sold out half an hour before kick off – don’t fret :

1) It was crap anyway


2) We’re getting a quote for a reprint, so all being well we’ll have some more for the Swindon game. Maybe we’ll do a wrap-around

As this issue was somewhat critical of the leader, we’ll no doubt read and hear his views on the matter in due course. There are no plans to resurrect the printed version on a regular basis and who knows, we may all get banned or sued, but never say never. Though it was bloody miserable fumbling for change of a tenner in the barfing rain as Gabriel Clark asked whether I trusted Paul Scally….

The Morty Vicker


8 Responses to BMH Issue 106 : The Return

  1. Phil says:

    Well done lads. Half the price of our “award winning program” and alot more sense. Was great to see you guys back. It’s a shame it is only a one-off, but that said I think we all understand the tremendous effort it takes on your part. A great read and convincing arguments.

  2. billthebikie says:

    I was a bit late Saturday, trying to find functioning cashpoints within 2 miles of KRBS (has anyone done the acronym of this yet, I’d try but am too knackered and slightly pissed after watching the Paris-Roubaix bike race in (surprisingly) France today – now there’s a f**king sport!!!) Priestfield… So I missed my copy, and the programme too, which we only buy so my lad can do his stickers and get an exorbitantly priced (23 x 3 quid) piece of polyester that his Arsenal/Chelsea mates at school will rip him for… I digress. Glad you were back despite missing my copy; thanks, Stimson, for being utterly dreadful at your job (high balls for Jackson in second-half against the tallest man in the world), and bollocks to it all…. Cheers.

  3. Fleety says:

    Nice to have you back, fellas, if only for the one edition. At the very least, it was worth £1.50 just to see the words “catwanking fucktards” in print……

  4. phil whitehead says:

    Any chance of getting a copy sent out to New Zealand?

  5. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    For the love of christ, can’t some one shut down the official website? The team mate thing is fucking embarassing – SIX players have now been asked the SAME questions.

    At least vary it your morons – I’d love to know the answer to who’s the biggest wanker (my money’s on Scally!), and who is most likely to sleep with the other players wives.

    Seriously, it’s not bad enough to get relegated, we have to have the most pathetic club website in the world as well.

    Sorry, rant over.

  6. SMF 10 says:

    5 goals in 8 games and he is still not worthy of a place in the squad!? I know he didnt exactly light up Priestfield but there was the odd occasion when Cogan looked like there was some potential there. With Miller and Bentley out would have thought he might have got a chance especially as he sounds like he is in form????

    And what a revelation Oli has been, absolutely awful on the wing but throw the man up front and he wins nearly everything in the air and even looks for his strike partner. Im amazed. Give the boy some more time and games and he will only get better. Was badly missed when he went off on saturday but something to look forward to for next season maybe.

    Anyway to go back to the title of post above, unfortunately we arrived as the game kicked off so missed out on the publication. Will make a bit more of an effort vs Swindon and will send the Vidal Sassoon Kid down early from the Cricks to pick us up a copy.

    Looking forward to reading it.

  7. Paul Rodgers says:

    oi Billthebikie, was this: “and bollocks to it all” a reference to The Specials? Maybe it’s time for Pearl’s Cafe to be sung at Priestfield? If you’ve no idea what I’m on about, don’t worry.

  8. billthebikie says:

    Paul…. Not a conscious reference, just how I felt at the time; but now you mention it, that splendid line from Pearl’s Cafe is one that I use often, and no doubt springs from my youthful Rude Boy posturings. But wasn’t ‘More Specials’ a bit of a tricky one at the time? Several of my mates snapped their wraparounds and binned their tassled loafers in the face of such a musical challenge. Me, I thought it was great… It still sounds good now. Ta for the memory jog, apologies to anyone under 35 or so…

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