BMH hits the streets

After an absence of two years, Brian Moore’s Head is returning in paper form for the Swansea game on Saturday. When we disappeared into cyberspace at the end of the 2005-06 season we said we would return if we had a good reason to do so.

The catalyst for this return came in the form of an ill-advised comment from Chairman Scally, who reacted to the vocal criticism directed at him during the Crewe game by labelling those responsible `Scumbags`.

Well folks, that’s ordinary supporters like you and me! Read what the BMH collective, and many other contributors think about this, amongst other topics, by purchasing a copy of Brian Moore’s Head 106 from the `usual` selling points on Saturday. With any amount of luck, we will also have sellers out scouring the streets and pubs of Gillingham for potential victims… er… I mean customers.

And remember folks, this is now your only opportunity to read BMH opinion away from your pc – the column formerly appearing in the Medway Messenger has been pulled out by our editorial team following the paper’s misrepresentation of the article contributed on the subject Crewe `abuse`, something which they neither acknowledge nor apologise for.

So, watch out for BMH 106, appearing on a street corner near you, Saturday 12the April, priced £1.50.


6 Responses to BMH hits the streets

  1. Robbo says:

    Good news. I’ll be on the lookout for a copy. Cheaper than the match-day program as well, and of a much better quality.

  2. Jon says:

    Very annoyingly can’t make it on Saturday… Is there any chance of a copy coming my way by post in exchange for some cash please?!

  3. Paul Rodgers says:


    If you’re on Facebook please contact me via my page to reserve a copy to be sent by post.



  4. Binman says:

    Anyone who can’t make it please leve a message. We normally keep a few back for exiles…

  5. Rob Haughton says:


    As a long standing exile and subsciber to the printed word of BMH, any chance of reserving sending me a copy and I will send a chequue for £1.50 + p&p ?

    Cheers & Good LUCK !

    ps I am not a Facebooker….

  6. Paul Rodgers says:


    Please email us at

    so we can sort out a copy for you.

    We will hopefully be reprinting as the initial run has sold out.


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