Should I believe in miracles?

It’s that time of the years again when all Gills fans pray for a miracle. We have 7 games left and have 39 points on the board. To survive we need at least 54 points that is 5 straight wins out of 7 (at least). Our run in is tough 3-promotion seekers 2 local derby’s, Bristol Rovers and Swindon.
Carlisle on Saturday will be the make or break test, only 3 points from that game will do and if that happens we still may have an outside chance of staying up. But Carlisle is attempting to catch Swansea who have a 6-point lead but are on the wane.

Next comes Luton, much has been made of their problems this season but even though they have sold some of their better players it will be a struggle as many of their current first team are playing for next season rather than this.
After Luton we go to our nearest and dearest rivals Millwall at the zoo. Where is Andy Hessenthaler when you need him (getting promotion with Dover 50 miles down the road)?

Then we get Swansea at home. Swansea is desperate to keep their lead over Carlisle and win promotion as champions and they have the leagues leading goal scorer who scored 3 over Easter. Can you see any points to add to the 39 so far in the list of games? Call me a pessimist but I can’t.
Then we have an away day to Bristol Rovers a team not having the best of times at home. We might get a point maybe?

The next game will be Swindon; it would be ironic if they sent us down, the worst nightmare scenario.
Our season ends with our farewell trip to Leeds on the last days of the season. By that time our fate will be ceiled and we will be heading for the 4th level again or maybe a miracle has happened and we arrive at Leeds just needing a point. No it the optimistic me trying to make light of a serious situation. We are doomed I tell you, the writing is on the wall.

As for Leeds who knows where they will end up but with the 3 points from us they might manage the playoffs. Unless their appeal against the 15-point deduction is successful then the playoffs will be certainty and straight promotion a possibility.

Let look on the bright side, the future can only get better.

Does anyone remember how to get to Aldershot?

  • If Darlington miss out on promotion there is another new stadium to visit.
  • We might actually win some away games next season.
  • Accrington Stanley is back in the league.
  • As most of the clubs in division 4 are northern our miles to goal ratio will go up and this season (statistically will not look as bad).
  • We might be playing Ebbsfleet the season after next.

I’ll get me coat.


One Response to Should I believe in miracles?

  1. Les says:

    I’m going to try to be as positive and optimistic as possible here.

    My first game was in 1965. There have been much lower moments than this, most obviously in the first three years of the 1990s.

    HOWEVER…. we will be in League 2 next season. Mark Stimson appears to have built a side designed to go down then come back up again

    That’s not the end of the world football-wise, and will in fact enable me to see the Gills more often living up here in the north, like in the bad old days pre-Pulis.

    BUT as a financial ignoramus I worry about the debt, the ownership of the ground etc. Administration prior to Scally’s rescue turned out to be a blessing. Would the same apply now?

    ALSO for years I’ve been reading enigmatic references to shady finance. Where can I find out what all this is about?

    At the school where I teach, where all the kids support either Hull City or Leeds United (except those who “support” Chelsea, Man U or Arsenal), I deal with the “Who are you?” and “Where is Gillingham?” mockery with a smile on my face, but beneath the smile I’m bemused and dismayed, and for all my defiant “We’ll be back!” exclamations, I wonder whether we will.

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