Toys out of the pram

Oh dear Craig Armstrong – what a prat you are. There is something a little sad about a so called professional footballer criticising his former employers through the medium of Facebook. Yes folks, whilst most of us spend our time on there playing each other at scrabble or swapping videos of cute babies, our Craig has used Facebook as a vehicle for letting the world know of his disdain for Mark Stimson.

So apparently he considers Stimson `the worst man manager  I have ever come across in my life` – or so he bleated to the Western Daily Press (obviously the News of the World weren’t interested in his revelations). Obviously Armstrong is not happy at how quickly Stimson worked out that he was not quick enough, not mobile enough and not good enough.

Maybe it would be easier to have some sympathy if it wasn’t for the belief that Armstrong only came here cos he could squeeze a few extra quid out of us than he could out of Cheltenham. For reasons best known the to the Gillingham Chairman and former manager they decided to match Armstrong’s Cheltenham wages plus travel expenses from his Nottingham home on top. Now quite why we would 1) sign someone who was still intending to live in Nottingham and 2) pay him extra for doing it, will remain an unsolved mystery.

Perhaps if Armstrong was actually a talented player it may have been more understandable , but a past it full back who was a bit part player for the majority of his distinctly average career – I think not. Armstrong’s signing was symptomatic of the desperation of Ronnie Jepson, who was probably pathetically grateful that he had actually managed to get anyone to sign for him.

So, through the medium of a WordPress blog, may I just say to you, Craig Armstrong, that you were an integral part of the slowest, least mobile and completely un-committed Gillingham team ever. If Mark Stimson treated you badly it’s because he knew you were shite.

4 Responses to Toys out of the pram

  1. Dan says:

    Never a true word said in jest!

  2. Jon says:

    I heard that he phoned the Western Daily Press this morning to complain that Fabio Capello hasn’t picked him, and that he also blanked him.

    Expect that’s his Facebook status as well, the twat…

  3. Bernard says:

    Yeah what a total prick. Nutter is 10 times the player he is.

    Also, anyone got any info about Lomas apparently punching Stimson one day in training? I’ve heard rumours he did. Gotta be bullshit though.

  4. PettsWoodGill says:

    Devastated that they inexplicably let Armstrong go – he was the missing piece in the jigsaw that Jeppo needed for our Championship winning campaign – NOT

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