Bake me a cake

On December 9 I completed a whole year free from the largely abject misery of Gillingham away games. This is the first time I have gone so long between away trips since I first started venturing outside the cosy confines of Priestfield on a regular basis in the early 80’s. I’ve covered the reasons for my slide down the `loyal supporters` pecking order into the realms of `plastic` before, so I’m not going to go over the same ground again. But just to recap:-

I have lost-

The sheer joy of witnessing an away win. We achieved this 3 times (Tranmere, Chesterfield and Crewe) in my gap year

The camaraderie of being part of a group of similarly desperate individuals.

The chance to visit new and exciting stadiums (well, Swansea anyway, I’ve been to the rest!)

That sinking feeling that can only be engendered by a humiliating defeat ( 1-4 Millwall, 0-5 Carlisle,0-4 Forest,0-5 Swindon).

I have gained –

Hundreds of pounds in unwasted cash

Quality time with my family

Saturday lie-ins

My sanity

Still, the good news is that I’m planning to visit Leyton Orient on New Years Day. What could possibly go wrong?!

Ed Head

2 Responses to Bake me a cake

  1. missinglinc says:

    Don’t go to many aways these days, but for the record – went to 4 last season
    Doncaster, Port Vale, Rotherham & Chesterfield – 2 wins 2 losses.
    Been to 1 this season – Crewe

    My strike rate makes it fairly bearable ! (although Port Vale & Rotherham were absolutely dire efforts – just to keep me aware of what the faithful suffer)

  2. Jon says:

    I’m reaching 100 away games next month, weather permitting (at Walsall if they lose to the scum in the cup, so probably at Tranmere).

    As most of them have been since 03/04, you can imagine that it doesn’t make pretty reading… 15 wins in all, 85 goals in 97 games and 164 conceded…

    I’ve seen three of the last four away wins though… I’m obviously in luck!

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