MPG = Miles per goal

I would walk 500 miles and I would walk 500 more! Well, nearly it’s actually 832 miles (give or take a few yards) for each goal Gills have scored on the road this season! Yes I know this article is a reflection of how sad I am but in my defence I have time to fill as I’m off work following an operation. So there we were Binman, Nick and myself (among others) on the coach to Swansea, and having exhausted the topic of “the brilliance of the Carry on films” (see I told you I was sad), we turned our attention to the Gills.

At this point our heroes had scored only once on the road and our last defeat having been in Carlisle we (well I ) wondered how many miles we had travelled to witness that solitary goal. Not surprisingly no one had the answer at that time, so we (I) decided to devote some time to researching this further.

On the coach back from Yeovil my extensive and time consuming research finally paid off!! (OK Binman I just asked Peter Lloyd). The fact is that so far (including Yeovil) we have travelled 2500 miles (source P. Lloyd esq.) following our lads. In that time we have scored 3 times, so you do the maths. The positive part of that statistic is that since Carlisle it’s come down from nearly 1700 miles per goal!!.(source my calculator).

So how does this compare to other clubs in league 1? Well even I’m not that sad BUT I was sad enough to do a comparison with Leeds & by my calculations they average 184 MPG which is about 41/2 times better than us.

Now what is the point of all this, well none really although it does underline the dedication of Gillingham fans and possibly explains why the away support has fallen a bit. Personally it gives me an excuse to over celebrate each precious away goal and you never know we may actually win one soon!!!

Now there’s a question, How many miles per away win?

Answers to BMH please and your prize?…………………….. A pay for yourself trip to Crewe

Sad Old Git

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