Great bunch of lads?

Apparently the current squad is full of talented individuals. They are a great bunch of lads. There’s a good spirit in the dressing room. They just need time to gel. No, no, no and again I say no. It is time for us to put an end to this desperate spin by the Chairman, former manager and current caretaker incumbents. They are none of these things. They are fucking rubbish! Stand up and admit it – say it loud and say it proud – this Gillingham team is absolutely not fit to wear the shirt.

The new manager, whomsoever that might be, has a big job on his hands trying to turn this monumental pig’s ear into something resembling a silk purse. In fact, it would take half of a miracle to turn it into a hessian sack. Ronnie Jepson has lumbered us with an old, slow, immobile nightmare of a squad. It is difficult to see how it can be improved without major surgery taking place.

Which, of course, is the problem. Finances dictate that major surgery cannot take place. Whilst it would be easy to blame all the current failings on the outgoing manager (which Chairman Scally has clearly attempted to do) it would be grossly unfair to do so. Because let’s be honest, if Jepson had the budget to have gone out and bought better quality players he would have done so. The reason we ended up with embarrassing, past it wasters like Steve Lomas is because that was all we could afford (although I have no clue how we managed to spend 200K on a defender, and nothing on anyone else – I think we will have to refer that one to Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World).

I’d been thinking to myself in recent months that we’d hit rock bottom, and now we could stabilise, then start moving forward again. But you know, I don’t think we have done that at all. The only evidence for an improved financial base has come from the mouth of the Gillingham Chairman. And you know what – I don’t believe him. And certainly the figures contained in the club’s recently published accounts do not back him up in any way.

But of course, everything is going to be fine because the financial restructuring with the bank will soon be complete, and we will be sitting in a brand new stadium with only £2 or £3 million debt to stop us skipping gaily back into the Championship. Also, the Gills Chairman has fairies living at the bottom of his garden. No, he does, honest.

So we await the appointment of the new manager with bated breath. Scally says there have been squillions of high quality applicants, some with Premiership experience (Glenn Roeder – NO!). Everything is going to be alright isn’t it. The malaise that has been hanging over this club since before we were even relegated is going to magically lift and all will be right with the world. And if you believe that…….

Ed Head

8 Responses to Great bunch of lads?

  1. Sheppey_Gill says:

    We are fucking shit.

    That is all I can muster, as a Gills fan I am getting a tad battle weary. I wish half the players felt the same, wankers!!

    Only Crofts, Mullers and Bentley deserve to wear the shirt, the rest are dross.

    I’m not looking forward to all the abuse I will receive at work tomorrow.

  2. James1893 says:

    I am exiled so I have not seen Simon King play yet. He’s the first man we’ve payed hard cash for in some time, he must be pretty good right? Has BMH or it’s readers reached a consensus yet or is the jury still out?

  3. Bernard says:

    I quite rate King to be honest. Think he’s our best centre back. Decent tackler and not a hoof it man, he’s actually quite cultured with an eye for a pass. But lacking a yard of pace. The thing is, he’s been playing left back – becuase our left back is completely and utterly inept.

    I can’t understand why we got rid of Easton. Jackman wanted to go, so you can’t criticise not keeping him. But Easton was a decent left back and a decent left midfielder – an all round good squad player. In fact he’s better than Armstrong at left back, and he’s better than Brown at left mid. But we didn’t even offer him a new deal.

  4. Flagman says:

    Lomas a waste.

    Crofts – play to his strengths – in front of the back 4, break up the play, make a short pass to a man in blue.

    Trigger – play to his strengths – right midfield.

    King – play to his strengths – centre back

    common theme coming out here…..?

  5. Bernard says:

    yeah agreed.

    Brown right mid?
    Crofts left?
    Bentley middle (some say thats his best position, i disagree)
    King left back?

    Don’t agree about Trigger though. Yes, his best position is right mid, but in my opinion we don’t have a good enough right back to allow him to play midfield. Clohessy isn’t good enough i don’t think.

  6. dean says:

    I’m living abroad at moment, but don’t seem to be missing much at Priestfield-just hope things improve.

  7. chrislynham says:

    Actually I think King will turn out to be a good signing – he’s looking a bit shell-shocked at the moment but who wouldn’t? You have to question the wisdom of blowing all your dosh on one player, but that’s not King’s fault. And I’ve always rated Sodje, but I suspect he’ll be another who came here just too late.

  8. DirtieBertie says:

    I was pleased when Easton was released,but now wished we had kept him as he is alot better than Armstrong.
    We play a left footed player on the right when with in the squad we have Southall, Bentley and Cogan all capable of playing there.
    The less said about Lomas the better.

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