Gills Chairman promises big announcement

In a hastily arranged press conference, Gillingham Chairman Paul Scally announced that he would be arranging a press conference “Probably next week, but definitely no later than a week on Friday” to make a major announcement on the club’s future

“I have spent much of the last three years working night and day to get this right,” commented Scally, “the results will be available towards the end of the month, and will allow us to develop the business and place ourselves back in a position where we can challenge for our rightful place in the Championship.”

When pressed on the details of what the really big thing it was he was going to be announcing Scally added, “This definitely represents the future for the football club. We cannot survive as we are, we need to develop new income streams which will support the football club, and allow it to meet its potential.”

The Gills Chairman promised that details would be released “As soon as the results of the feasibility study into the timing of the restructuring deal to develop a new stadium in conjunction with 22,000 sticker books being given out free to schoolchildren was known.”

5 Responses to Gills Chairman promises big announcement

  1. Andrew says:

    I could almost believe this was true, if he’d slipped in a sly mention of all the club’s problems being the fault of ITV Digital.

  2. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    Perhaps we’re going to diversify. Jepson could start holding motivational seminars and Cox could give coaching sessions for those wishing to join the circus.

  3. Bernard says:


  4. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    I knew you’d find it funny you little bundle of joy!

  5. 1 d 10 t says:

    Scally Out, Jepson Out

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