Brave new world

Saturday 18 August – Gills 0 -2 Tranmere

So that’s it is it? 503 new summer signings, Chairman Scally claiming that anything less than promotion will be a failure, £200,000 spent on a defender (a defender, mark you!) and what we get is a repeat of the same old shite we have been watching for the last two seasons.

Ok, some balance now-

  • The team needs time to gel
  • We have been unlucky with refereeing decisions
  • We have been unlucky with injuries
  • We have just been unlucky with….. look we just have ok?!

But come on, that really was rubbish wasn’t it? We got outplayed by a Tranmere side who had enjoyed a similarly poor opening to the season as the Gills. They should have won by more than the two goals they did – and would have but for numerous saves from Simon Royce. Our new look team, meanwhile, failed to carve out what could be considered a worthwhile opportunity.

They looked old, slow, ponderous and completely lacking in guile. No pace anywhere. Not even a little bit. None. Three games in and I’m worried – don’t know about the rest of you.

Champagne Moment: The news that we will be getting a Gills sticker book at the next home game, and stickers in the programme to lovingly fill it with. This could be the start of an exciting new Gills sticker swapping era, and is certainly just the incentive we needed to entice us to turn up week in week out.


8 Responses to Brave new world

  1. Derek says:

    On top of which my man of the match was Ben Chorley who for most of the match held their defence together (could we have saved our £200, 000?) At times our defence were static and just not quick enough to intervene – especially vulnerable down the left flank. On the postive side I thought there were some good moments from Trigger, Graham, Brown and Lomas – Royce did well and showed maturity. But overall there was little vision, pace or energy. The mid-field made little impact – would Lomas be a more vocal and forthright skipper?
    Still it’s early days.
    Up the Gills!

  2. Haydn says:

    I didn’t realise that when my ticket cost 50% today, the team would, correspondingly, only function at 50%!

    The left side of the team bothered me the most. Armstrong looked well off the pace and Brown just didn’t impress defensively, although he showed flashes of inspiration going forward. We look very weak on that flank.

    Oh – and then there was the lack of depth to the squad today. There was no-one on the bench that offered a new option and that’s a real worry. Graham was played even though he was injured (carrying a groin strain). He worked hard but fruitlessly chased long humps all day…we have to do better than that. Passing to feet would be nice.

    This is a team Jepson has built, not one he inherited this time. We have to give Ronnie more than 3 games but today really was one of the worst home game openers to a season I can remember. It was the manner of the defeat – a lifeless, limp display.

    I thought that Cheltenham and Tranmere would be two of the easier opponents we would face this season. Luton, Leeds, Forest, Swindon, Millwall…all to come before November…we need to improve quickly by a long margin.

    Scally’s ‘promotion push’ pre-season comments look likely to haunt him. Nothing wrong with the positive sentiment but the reality is that we have started the campaign way way way off the pace.

  3. Stobart the Blue says:

    What can u say worring, upsetting, gutting, all of these? After watching a livley performance again Clochester at Preistfield i was feeling rather excited about the start of the season. Then the games results start coming in. I know its still early days but i am worried very worried after watching the Tranmere game. Whats the best we can hope for staying up??

  4. Bernard says:

    No creativity. Simple as that. The players didn’t have a clue what to do when they were on the ball. No trickery to beat anyone, no eye for a pass and most worryingly absolutely no pace whatsoever.

    Graham looked good on the ball.. but so what? i want him to be scoring the goals, not creating them. That’s what he was signed for..

    Derek, good moments from Lomas and Brown. Can’t remember Steve Lomas touching the ball let alone affecting the game in anyway. Aaron Brown did indeed show moments of promise, but his final ball / shot is pittiful. He had two efforts that barely reached the goal.

  5. Bring Back Les Berry says:

    Utter, utter gash. As far as I could tell, none of them wanted to be on the pitch. People who say they haven’t gelled together are missing the point – knowing your team mates or not makes no difference to whether you put in any effort. I actually felt sorry for Scally for the first time ever; those fireworks weren’t half bad and then the team go and play like a bunch of tards. Even Mr. No Feelings must have cringed.
    Don’t know how many of the non-season ticket holders will be back after that display, but at £20 for the cheapest seat in the house, I would suggest not too many.
    And how on earth are we supposed to go through a whole season watching crap like that when we can’t even smoke?!

  6. Jack von Beeblehoffen says:

    Again a waste of money, i am a non season ticket holder but try and come and support my team whenever i can but what a load of old tosh – i simply will not be returning until things show some sign of improving.

    I echo most of what has been said here. The fireworks were simply embarrassing and off putting for the lads out there trying to focus (ha ha!!) prior to the game.

    The side showed no pace, creativity, endeavour and a severe lack of any communication/leadership whatsover. Is this one of the reasons for the appearance of Lomas – surely with his experience over the years he should be leading by example. All i saw from him was the safe option everytime – no cut or thrust.

    Anyway – good luck to all you season ticket holders. I sat next to 2 on Saturday who have been season ticket holders for nearly 25 years – they told me that enough is enough after this season and who can blame them?

    Why is the place so quiet

  7. Jez says:

    They should have stuck those fireworks up the players arses!

  8. gordon is a moron says:

    I got 40-1 on gills to win the league (£10 eachway to finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd) before Leeds were on -15pts – & I thought I got a good deal !
    Should have waited a couple of weeks & got 100-1 – ho hum…….

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