So long suckers

Saturday 5 May – Gills 0 – 2 Yeovil

Well that about summed up the season. Listless, boring, uncommitted garbage. Okay, so we’ve won 14 home games at home this season – but highlights have really been few and far between. This season has simply meandered along to no apparent purpose or direction, and it is difficult to recall anything that will linger long in the memory.

Yeovil, already assured of a play-off place, put out a weakened team, and they were still too much for an insipid Gillingham, too many of whom looked like their minds were in other places. Hopefully the majority will be going on a permanent holiday soon, because I for one will be glad to see the back of them.

Throughout the game we were implored via various pa announcements not to invade the pitch at the end of the game. Like the grateful thousands were ready to run on and mob their hardworking heroes. Most of the entertainment was provided by the Rainham End playing with a beach ball (yes, it really was that good), which that miserable fuckwit of a head steward attempted to confiscate at half time. Fortunately it was reclaimed for the masses soon after the break.

The total lack of atmosphere led to a downbeat afternoon. The following exchange was symptomatic of the mood:- Middle of Rainham End; `We are the middle, we are the middle , we are you middle Rainham End`; Left side: <Silence>; Middle `Left side left side, give us a song!`: Left side: (lone voice) `You sing it for us!`.

A rubbish end to a rubbish season.

Champagne Moment – Off- field -Guy at the front attempted a massive boot of the beach ball back up the Rainham End and ended up flat on his arse in the gangway. On field – None


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