Thinking ahead

Dear Mr Scally,

If you are looking for a new manager
There is a man down the road
He’s currently in a place called Welling
And his story must be told
How he was the greatest footballer
The crowd had ever viewed
His career was always star studded
And was also keen to contribute
A few own goals, lots of laughs
And was always very steady in defence
So Mr Scally if you are ever looking
To replace our Ron
Don’t go for Iffy substitutes
Just go along to Adrian
Because Pennock is your man.



One Response to Thinking ahead

  1. Chris says:

    I don’t think Iffy would be the worst choice as manager.

    As an exile in Holland I listen to the Radio Kent commentary via Gills World and as you may or may not know Iffy is part of their commentary team and he has a good knowledge of most of the players in the lower leagues and appears to be quite knowledgeable when it comes to tactics.

    Regards Adie Pennock, I’m not saying he would be a bad choice because I don’t know enough about the job he is doing at Welling.

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