Savage Garden

20th February – Gills 0-1 Brighton

Gills sank to their fourth consecutive defeat against our former squatters, and this was surely the most pitiful of the lot. An absolutely dreadful evening, with absolutely no redeeming features. Why bother?

The script wrote itself. Bas Savage made over a dozen appearances for us, yet didn’t score his first Priestfield goal until he was wearing a Brighton shirt. Scott Flinders kept goal for us in a similar number of fixtures. First Priestfield clean sheet? You guessed it. While the legend that is Guy Butters is now of pensionable age and has a turning circle of an oil rig, but he comfortably snuffed out our attack, again lacking bite with Jarvis out of sorts, lacking fitness, energy, confidence or all three.

It should have been 0-0. The goal conceded was ridiculous – Chorley lost possession cheaply, Savage strode forward and poked the ball in off the post, though Larrieu should have smothered it without fuss. Other than that, the visitors were hopeless. But despite our possession we created only two decent chances – one slashed wide by Southall and a late header against the post. Flinders flapped comically at any up and unders but we had no idea how to exploit it. The boos at the end were well deserved and it’s little wonder we remain anxious as to where the remaining ten points needed to see us safe will come from. Two wins, two draws and five defeats since Boxing Day in a division devoid of talent just isn’t good enough.

Champagne Moment

I dunno. Scally’s programme notes?

The Morty Vicker


One Response to Savage Garden

  1. detritus says:

    Champagne moment has to be Dean McDonald blocking a clearance with his face. As the ball rolled back to Flinders in their goal the comment from behind me was “more direction on the header Deano…”

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