Hill one to blame!

For those like me who only read papers when they are free, you may have missed a story about an ex assistant manager at Gillingham. The ex was Richard Hill who is/was assistant to John Gregory at Queens Park Rangers. Until he was suspended “until further notice” following an incident in a game with the China’s Olympic Team on the training ground at the beginning of February. This incident (or fight) resulted in one of the Chinese players receiving a broken jaw. The reports say a number of players were involved, maybe because he was in charge of training he had to take the wrap and suffer the consequences of other actions. Who knows?

Since leaving Gillingham I think he has worked for Northampton, Tranmere and as a summariser on Radio Kent. His departure, (sorry his redundancy) coincided with Gills demise and final relegation from the Promised Land of the championship. He was sorely missed after his departure. Although thinking about it, the demise started a short time before his departure. We seem to lack that spark (still missing today) that gave us an edge over the lesser opposition. My feelings are that he was negotiating his redundancy term with Scally in the background and had lost interest in his job. A thing we all would do under the circumstances, dedication is the first thing we loose in that situation. Unless, of course, you are a fan then circumstances are different.

I was sorry to see him leave the Gills, and feel we need another Richard Hill now if we are ever to get back from whence we came 2 seasons ago and have some chance of staying there for an extended period.

All I say is good luck Mr Hill, hope it works out in your favour.



2 Responses to Hill one to blame!

  1. chrislynham says:

    I only appreciated him once he was gone….I have little doubt his departure alongside fellow baldster Paul Shaw contributed significantly to our slide.

    The QPR chairman has vowed to sack anyone who is proven to have played a part in the brawl, and it seems that Hill is about to pay the price, though this may be the least of his worries as rumour has it that the fisticuffs have aroused the interest of the Triads….

  2. Andrew says:

    There’s surely less evidence that Richard Hill was missed from the Gills set-up, than that he thumped a Chinese player the other week and is in big trouble.

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