Savage Patch

The hoots of derision that echoed around Ashton Gate at the introduction of big Bas last week vividly illustrated his reputation of being a bit of hopeless lump. Right from the start when he arrived at Priestfield, we took one look at his goal-scoring record (worse than Sidibe’s – ’nuff said) and jumped to the understandable conclusion that he was a comedy striker, an indication of how far our club has plumetted since the halycon days of Akinbiyi, Asaba, Taylor and King.

Strange thing is, without the internet opinion formers and the squawking of Bristol City supporters, the jury would still be out. He’s made no more than a couple of cameo performances and while I’m not exactly anticipating 20 goals this season, he hasn’t done a lot wrong. Against Rotherham, in the ten minutes he was afforded he showed reasonable touch, won everything in the air and defended from the front, exactly what was needed to run down time. 

Leo Fortune-West only managed 12 goals in a promotion winning side but endeared himself by clattering about causing havoc (sometimes to defenders’ faces). Big Bas looks capable of emulating that. He hasn’t yet been presented with a clear goal-scoring chance, so maybe when he blazes a sitter into orbit the jury will pass sentence. But at the moment, well, I quite like him. At the very least, if he fails and is released at Christmas when his trial period concludes, it’ll be as a figure of fun rather than a frustrating idiot like some of the other numpties who we’ve tried up front in recent seasons.

The Morty Vicker


One Response to Savage Patch

  1. Elvis_t_king says:

    Can’t see why we’d want to keep this clown. He brings nothing to the team extra to what we’ve already got, we need players who can score goals not fall over and lumber about like a giraffe. Saying that he held the ball up well at the end, but didn’t really add any real quality.

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