Oh Beadle!

TV coverage of the early rounds of the FA Cup often provide the welcome opportunity to catch up with players who have disappeared off the radar after moving out of League football. Hours of endless fun and amusement can be had pointing at the screen and exclaiming `Oh My God, is that <insert name here> hasn’t he got fat/bald/old!`

The first round game between Newport County (now of the Conference South) and Swansea provided just just an opportunity. Because yes, everybody, that fat git of a Newport manager making an absolute tit of himself really was the Peter Beadle – former beanpole striker of this parish – and Oh my God hasn’t he got fat, bald and old!

But more to the point, judging by his behaviour, he has also got to be something of an embarrassment. Dismissed for foul and abusive language to the 4th official, he had to be ushered along the touchline by the referee, and continued to berate the 4th official as he went. Seconds later, the reserve ref was felled and knocked unconscious by a coin thrown from the crowd, and was subsequently detained in hospital overnight.

So, what was manager Beadle’s post-match reaction to the events?! Answer – to give one of the most cringeworthy TV interviews ever. When questioned over his conduct he seemed to be unconcerned, but more appallingly his response to the question over the incident with the 4th official was the shrug his shoulders, say he didn’t see it and add that as far as he was concerned the matter was over.

Hmmmm, well perhaps the Football Association might not quite see it like that?! One would imagine that they will not be too impressed either by the incident, or the lack of concern from the Newport manager. Beadle looked and acted like an overweight chav who’d had too many beers on a night out. Sad and pathetic really.

2 Responses to Oh Beadle!

  1. Jon says:

    I spoke to Beadle on the phone on Thursday in a professional capacity. In actual fact, he phoned me after I left a message for him at the club…

    And when I saw on the phone it was him, I was soooo tempted to go “BEADLE” down the phone at him, like someone in the RE always used to shout at him whenever he came back to play against us.

    I also resisted the temptation to turn the conversation in the direction of his winner in the “Joey Dunne in goal” game…

    Let himself down a bit yesterday, mind…

  2. Derek says:

    I simply thought – coincidence a bully with the same name as our old striker of yesteryear. On one hand thanks for pointing out this was the original PB – you could be forgiven for having to seek confirmation of this fact. He let down decent football fans big time yesterday by his complete thugish behaviour. I wait with interest to see the reaction of the FA. Derek.

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