Welcome everybody to the new and exciting world of Brian Moore’s Head Looks Uncannily Like London Planetarium online. After 18 years and 105 issues this is our first venture into cyberspace thanks entirely to Simon (Semyon_Dukach) Head’s hard work over the summer.

You’ll have to be patient with us because the rest of us are inexperienced with all this new-fangled technology and without printing deadlines, a mediocre pre-season and a disappointing World Cup the urge to get writing has been less than overwhelming.

Now however, with the season getting into gear the aim is for us to write things for this site as and when we feel like it. Contributions are as ever more than welcome, please email them to the usual address edhead@blueyonder.co.uk – and we will endeavour to upload them… Until then most of the site is filled with archive material that should grow as we raid our old files. Photos should also begin to appear as we get into the swing of things so please be patient…

We appreciate that not all our loyal old readers will have the chance to visit online but then those responsible for doing all the donkey work over the years, especially carting it around before games and selling it in the wind and rain had had enough so the option was this or nothing!

For those of you with regular access to the internet the bonus is now of course you don’t have to shell out £1.50 because this site is free and NO, IT STILL ISN’T THE FLAMING PROGRAMME!

Up The Gills!

The Binman


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