Same old, same old… (Vol 2)

Saturday 21st January – Oldham Athletic 2-0 Gills

Well let me see, shite game, two poor teams, opponents that were there for the taking, failed to score, lost to two late goals, didn’t deserve to lose but hey, if you can’t score you’re fucked. No, this isn’t the Barnsley report, they scored early on, this is the Oldham report – same shit though, just different day (and later goal times).

With Byfield suspended we looked even less likely to score in what was a very, very mediocre game. Oldham were really mundane, dull, worthy, workmanlike, just like most of this God-forsaken division, but then what does that say about us at the moment? Brown was excellent, the rest of the team tried hard but aren’t good enough. The defence simply can’t keep in tight beyond the 80th minute, the midfield can win tackles but not create chances and the strikers are just a fucking joke. After a decade of Fortune-West, Bailey, Butler, Akinbiyi, Taylor, Asaba, Thomson and King the likes of Harris, Shields et al away from home are just not up to the job.

Our best chance in the first 84 minutes, our only real chance in the first 84 minutes was smashed spectacularly into the net from twenty yards by Pouton, Unfortunately he had used his hand to control the ball and it was correctly chalked off.

Killen missed Oldham’s best chance of the first half but blazed over from twelve yards when it looked easier to score. They needn’t have worried; with it all set for a grim 0-0 draw it became an even grimmer 1-0 defeat on 84 minutes. Sub Beckett heading home from close range after Liddell had done well to hook the ball back across the face of the goal from a deep cross.

Three minutes later Beckett headed home a second with the Gills committed up field. Oldham hit them on the break and a simple Eyres cross found the sub unmarked at the far post (2-0). The score certainly flattered Athletic, the hundreds of school kids sitting in the adjacent seats for free (ours were a rip-off £22) chanted “Easy, Easy” with no hint of irony. We contemplated the long slog home. To emphasise the injustice of it all we suddenly burst into life (a bit late lads!) and contrived to fashion three excellent chances to score. The flurry of action didn’t change the scoreline though, with the misses by Crofts and Grant clearing the bar rather than rippling the net. At least the train back to Euston got in 45 minutes early… not much consolation for another blank awayday though. Three wins in fifty one and counting…

Champagne Moment: The moment midway through the second half when some of the 250 Gills fans including the drummers did a conga round the away end to liven things up. Didn’t work though.


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