Same old, same old…

Tuesday 10th January – Barnsley 1-0 Gills

Well you know the story by now, so you can fill in the blanks! It was a long journey __ _____. It was a ____ game between two ____ sides. They were there for the ______. We didn’t deserve to ____. We gave away a soft ____. We failed to _____ again. Grant missed an easy late ______ to equalise. It is now _____ wins in fifty games and counting.

Answers are, if you hadn’t guessed… UP NORTH, POOR, POOR, TAKING, LOSE, GOAL, SCORE, CHANCE, THREE…

Well done to the 150 Gills fans that made the trek up to a freezing South Yorkshire at short notice on a Tuesday night in January. In the nightmare month of January fixture-wise you made it to Oakwell full in the knowledge that we would not score and probably lose. Message to the players, SCORE A FUCKING GOAL SOON OR ELSE!

With Byfield back in the team we had hoped for a bit more up front but he was clearly not quite match fit and hardly featured. Flynn was busy in midfield (clipping the top of the bar with an early corner) and yet Barnsley were well on top in the first half, had an early effort ruled out and then took the lead on 15 minutes. A Hayes cross was only half cleared by Sancho to Shuker who controlled the lose ball before lashing it into the net from the edge of the box. The previously silent home fans cheered half-heartedly. He slumped in our seats, game over.

Barnsley bossed the first half and we were fortunate to still be in the contest, the second period was better in that the Gills finally began to create some momentum. Unfortunately the end product simply wasn’t there, we didn’t have the guile, the composure, or frankly the quality when it mattered. The big moment when we should have equalised came on 78 minutes, a fine cross found the unmarked Grant eight yards out. It was a free-header but he glanced it wide and the game was up.

Three wins in fifty now – fucking load of shite.

Champagne Moment: Wolfie again! Well in these dark days away from home he is the only light relief. He tried to start a chant of “there’s only four days to Swindon” but half way through forgot what day it was and how many days there indeed were before we played Swindon.

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