Oh look Dad! Goals!

Saturday 10th Dececember – Gills 3-0 Port Vale

OK, Port Vale self-destructed but for the first time this season we swamped and overwhelmed opponents and it was wonderfully uplifting to see. It all started with some sublime theatre in the opening ten minutes as the visitors conceded a highly contentious penalty for handball, spotted by an eagle-eyed linesman who then became the recipient of some forthright abuse from Vale’s captain. Having been yellow carded he just had to have the last word, and given that his last word was somewhat blue, he got a straight red and off he went. For the encore Tom Williams smacked the penalty against the post. As the ball cannoned towards the corner flag I actually thought he’d slammed it miles wide from my position at the other end, and that was enough for me to colourfully abuse him for what was left of his Gillingham career. The bloke could whip in an effective cross but was a defensive liability and a fucking nutter, a nasty piece of work.

Still, no harm done as it was only a matter of time before Neil Harris cracked home a 30 yard volley, it’s been coming for weeks. Sarcasm aside, it was a brilliant goal demonstrating great vision and technique. Matty Jarvis matched him not once but twice with near identical goals as he cut in from the left and slammed wicked shots through the keeper. We could have had a lot more but we left more than satisfied, gaining a bit of breathing space between us and the bottom few.

Champagne Moment: A glimpse of what Neil Harris was like in his heyday, a wonderful first-time strike to dumbfound everyone inside Priestfield.

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