Top 25 Cult Heroes 1954-1979: Intro

And now for something completely different. Several issues ago, Brian Moore’s Head published an article ‘Top 25 Cult Heroes From The Last 25 Years.’ That got me thinking that the obvious follow-up was ‘Top 25 Cult Heroes From The 25 Years Before That’, so I put my thinking cap on and sat down to write about who my cult heroes would be in the period 1954-1979.

In 1954, I was eight years old and lived in Sunnymead Avenue. The Gills were next door neighbours, so from that time onwards I can remember things quite clearly. Problem is that even though you try to keep 25 biographies concise, you still finish up with about 15 pages of fanzine, probably too much to publish in one go. Some of my choices are Gills legends, and it’s difficult to describe them and the times in which they played in a couple of paragraphs and give them the credit they deserve.




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