9. Dave Shearer (1984-1988)

If there was ever a penalty-box predator “Shakey” Shearer was that man.  If the ball was there he would get something on it, his studs, his head, his shin and heaven help any defender or keeper who had the misfortune to get in his way.  He was single-minded, ruthless and dirty.  All qualities destined to make you an instant hero with the fans.

Originally from the Highlands he was soon a cult figure due to his deadly finishing ability.  He didn’t look very athletic, but his talent was simply putting the ball in the back of the net.  He loved to be “in amongst it all” in the box, brave headers and close range shots amid flailing boots were his speciality.  If there was the possibility of a rebound Shakey would be lurking with intent, and if he maimed anyone in the process well it was their own daft fault.

Sadly his appearances were often limited by injury and, err, his alleged “lifestyle choices”.  1985-86 saw him miss half the season but continue on his merry way when on the field.  He was simply lethal.  A combination of coolness, bravery and anticipation.  The following season saw him playing more regularly and the goals contined as they did into early 87-88.  Then suddenly he left for Bournemouth for £25,000 and never really hit the headlines again.

Shearer was also a legend off the field.  Many of the stories are unprintable.  Let’s just say he was “old school” – he enjoyed his drink, his escapades with his best mate Terry Cochrane were many and this despite “borrowing” “Cocky’s” car, crashing it and running away from the scene!  Other tales of drinking with anyone and everyone and ending up in the gutter on more than one occasion may just be tall tales, but they simply added to the reputation of the last hard-drinking, psychotic, Scottish goal hanger to play for the Gills.  A flawed genius.

119 apps, 50 goals

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