24. Ron Hillyard (1974-1992)

Oh Ronnie Ronnie, Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie Hillyard. He was in goal during my formative years, and he was still there as I grew to be a man. The reassuring presence of Ron Hillyard. Never too spectacular, but always giving off an aura of confidence. The years following his retirement illustrated what a good goalkeeper Ron was. Where there was calm, now there was chaos as successive Gills custodians failed to live up to the standard that he had set. Ron may not have been totally outstanding at any particular aspect of goalkeeping, but he was highly competent at everything. Put it all together, and you have a totally reliable shot stopper. He was class, was our Ron, in his own undemonstrative way. And boy could he save penalties.

657 apps, 0 goals

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