22. Danny Westwood (1975-1981)

Invariably described in programme pen pictures as a “fleet-footed striker”, Danny Westwood joined the Gills from QPR, and was soon to line up with Ken Price and his legendary grimace to form a partnership which took the Gills to within one point of promotion to the old second division back in 1979. They were the ideal pairing, Price the workhorse proving the ideal foil for the skilful Westwood.

And there is little doubting that Danny Westwood was an exciting player to watch. He was indeed fleet-footed, and could finish in spectacular style – notably when employing his trademark chip shot. It was a technique which brought him many goals, including one in the infamous encounter with Swindon in March 1979 – a game in which he was later controversially sent off.

Westwood hung around just long enough to see in the Peacock era, but after scoring his final goal in a Gills shirt at Preston in September ’81, he drifted into non-league football with Barnet, leaving us wondering if he hadn’t quit League football too soon.

238 apps, 77 goals


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