13. Marlon King (2000-2001)

Unarguably the sexiest Gills player of recent years, we adore Marlon as much for his coolness as for the fact that he is such an exciting striker.  It’s those nonchalantly hunched shoulders.  It’s that face-splitting grin every time he (or Paul Shaw) scuffed a good chance.  Even his volcanic temper, illustrated in those ref-pursuing rants, is oddly endearing, as much a part of what makes him loveable as his impregnable self-belief that he can score from anywhere (he finds gaps that don’t exist, creates angles that invalidate centuries of geometrical theory). Marlon plays with the frantic exuberance of one yet to discover his limitations.  Savour each goal this season.  Each one could be his last for Gillingham.

50 apps, 20 goals


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