Lloyd splits from parka!

Recent events at Priestfield have once again been brought into sharp focus following the shock news that Peter Lloyd has decided to split from his Parka.
His decision followed an acrimonious meeting of Shabby Coats Anonymous, in which it was decided that Lloyd’s parka was completely beyond the pale, even in company which included a new age traveller who’d not taken off his army surplus German army parka for three years, and a tramp who freely admitted his ancient battered overcoat was encrusted with a mixture of his own urine and sick.

Following the meeting, Lloyd announced `My position in the coat has become untenable. I abide by the meeting’s decision and shall continue to wear shabby overcoats whenever possible`It is believed that Lloyd also came under pressure from Gillingham Chairman Paul Scally. The Gills supremo said in an open letter, published on the message board of the Parka Wearers Unofficial website `We are trying to build a club with a family atmosphere, where parents are happy to bring their children with no fear of coming into contact with unacceptable items of clothing`

In the aftermath of the meeting SCA member Mike Testes commented ` Peter Lloyd is not the enemy, he’s made the decision and I respect him for it`, before adding, `his parka, however, is quite another matter`.

Peter’s Parka (27) was unavailable for comment.


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